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My name is Sorbon. I was born in Tajikistan where I have lived for 25 years. My native language is Tajik (Persian). I decided to study abroad because I knew I would be exposed to information that I can’t gain deskbound inside a classroom. Studying out of the country was one of the best choices I have ever made. I selected China because it is one of the earliest civilizations with a rich history and culture and because it is rapidly emerging into one of the largest economic capitals in the world.

I believe that China is a land of opportunity and I thought that learning abroad would give me the chance to find out more about the country. Many people think that studying abroad is an expensive venture, but there are numerous scholarships available to students. I studied abroad in China for the past two years, starting in the summer of 2015, with the CSC Chinese Program. 
My time in China has been an unforgettable experience. Every day has been a new adventure. I have been making life-long friends and lasting memories. My study abroad program coordinates trips for us to travel to other cities, giving us the opportunity to learn about different cultures within China, visit historical sites, as well as visit various Chinese companies. While in Gansu, I study at the Lanzhou University of Technology. I have been taking Chinese language classes. Learning Chinese while in China is much better because it immerses you into the Chinese language and gives daily opportunity to practice the language. In the short period I've been in China I have made many friends from different countries. There are plenty of activities to do including cultural exchange through well organised cultural festivals. It allows everyone to share their cultural heritage such as food, music, traditional clothing, etc.

When I first came to China, I remember how difficult the Chinese language was and how many problems I faced because of this language barrier. I decided to make a website for learning Chinese language to aid international students as they learn this new language. The website will help students prepare for the Chinese proficiency Test (HSK). It also provides features including stroke order demonstration and word recordings of accurate pronunciation that help students to learn Chinese in a simple yet exciting way. It also allows the beginners to easily comprehend the language by repetition of the lessons provided in this website. This website will equip you with everything you need to pass the HSK examination.

English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Korean and other languages explanations are also provided to satisfy the needs of students from different countries.

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P.S. Many thanks to my friends who have assisted me in building this website.



By using the search words or other materials on this website, you need to understand that different sources provide different translation options, so the administration of the site does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the translation.
When creating a website, some materials were taken from the following sources:
HSK word list in tajik language - Tabarov Lutfullo Zaydulloevich


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